Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lucky Yarn

The other night, after I successfully wound up the Sea Silk on my tempermental 'cone' winder, I tried to wind the STR so I could get re-started on the entrelac version. I could not get it to wind, and I spent HOURS untangelling the yarn. Finally, I decided to try a different yarn to see if it would wind. I was beginning to think that the winder had an attitude and would only do specialty yarn. I got some plain old worsted acrylic, and figured out in minutes that the issue had been operator error! And no, I had NOT drunk that beer....although by the time I took the picture I was really craving one! Back to the STR, and it went fine, although I don't really like the 'cones' this

winder makes, once you take out the center tube. It's okay if you leave the tube in though. It's nice to be able to wind slower and more in control than the electric winder, but when beer bottles get enlisted as my 'helper'....

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