Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sea Silk Sigh

The green thread is a life line I put in, the first weekend in June, when I decided to morph the Montego Bay scarf into something a little more interesting. It started out okay, but then I got to a tricky row. And so it sat until I could look at the chart and figure things out. It went from being a boring but brainless project to needing a chart and brain cells and still....I lost interest. I'm not easy to please, am I?
I looked at the Diamond Fantasy scarf/shawl some more. Then I looked at Ravelry and saw how many people made it in Sea Silk, the yardage of one skein is more than the scarf requirements, but less than the shawl. The YarnHarlot made one in the scarf size that was more like a shawl. Being short as well....

I got out my Royal 'cone' winder and gave it another try. This stuff will NOT wind on my little electric ball winder, it's way too slippery. The cone winder did a great job, although once the toilet paper tube comes out it goes a little funny, LOL.

I still have to order the pattern, but at least I have a plan. For now....

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