Thursday, November 06, 2008

So Much to Do!

I really want to write a nice, long knitterly post, with glorious pictures and technical details.

However, I'm running around like mad, getting ready for Lucy's birthday (Friday) and then Rob and I leave on Saturday for a cruise. We get back really late Sun. Nov 16, and the next day is Meg's birthday, and you better believe she knows all about birthdays now! LOL.

So here are a few teasers, of things I'm working on:

Heartland Lace Shawl from Evelyn Clark; on her website--FREE!! Jaggerspun 50-50 Wool-Silk laceweight, 3.5mm needles, many more pattern repeats than the pattern says, and re-worked edging.

Black stole on Singer 327, Card 3, EON out of work, 78-0-79, 1L in work, 1R out-or work, T10, 3 rows tuck, one row stockinette, up to row 632 and I'll keep going till I run out of time. Mystery cone identified by a handwritten sticker "T-3". Doesn't feel very good, but I wanted black and that's what I had.

Sweet Sheep Superwash Merino, DK? From BooBooBin at K-W Knitter's Fair---$3!! There are dark purple spots, and some very pale spots, but I love it. Tipless gloves in a lattice pattern like "Claudia Hat". I really like the Shefir hat from Knitty's Breast Cancer Awareness issue, and Koolhaas from Brooklyntweed, and this is similiar. They are almost done, and it's about 23C/73F outside today!!!!!!!

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smariek said...

Sure is busy on your end! Can't wait to see another photo of your pink shawl.

Funny how kids pick up on certain days out of the year. DD was talking about Halloween for the entire month of Oct, I expect her to do the same about Christmas in Dec. And she definitely knows when her birthday is, and that there is cake & presents involved.