Friday, April 03, 2009

Knitting is a Visual Art

...and I have no visuals for you. Our computer is suddenly not reading the camera cards. We've always had to wiggle the card, but once it hit the sweet spot, it was fine. Now nothing seems to be working. So we're going to dig out the old cord and try it that way again. I thought (new) computers were supposed to simplify your life, LOL.

I really needed pictures because everything I wanted to talk about was visual. How verigated yarns are affected by gauge/stitch count. How gauge can lie. New life to old socks. It's all pretty boring with the pictures. So, maybe Monday! Then again, maybe not. I've got a lot going on this weekend. And might not be ready for Tuesday either. Try back on Wednesday!

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Katidids said...

Missing photos? Grr, I lost the lot when my computer died...but now "I have Myrtle"...Thanks for stopping in @ my blog...I DID go back to fly lady....don't know why I stopped But, Thanks again for the family thanks you too!