Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cutie Pie!

A while ago, I found through another blog (Angry Chicken?), a link to a EDIT:  tutorial on making sock monkeys using dollar store novelty socks.  I knew I had to do that, esp. since two of my niece's like sock monkeys.  I bought a pair of Valentine Socks, but one of the girls wore them and got them dirty before I got around to sewing.  So I went off to Dollarama to get more socks.  Poor selection!  And, the two socks were not quite the same size!
 It was fairly easy to follow the tutorial, although I changed the ears a little.  I also used the purple heel that came from the second pair of socks in the set...I thought the black wasn't contrasty enough.  The buttons are from my stash.  Slim pickings for those!
 I sent this off to Nya, Rob's sister's daughter, for her birthday.  I also made her a neck cooler, like the ones I made last summer.  I had to piece the fabric a bit, the center, with the beads, is two layers, I thought the fabric was a little thin.  It's left over from a girls' dress last summer.
I also included some Canada temporary tattoos, and a Canadian 5 dollar bill (she's American, and turning 5), all jammed into a decorative box from Dollarama, and cushioned with all the metallic foil strips that fell out of the pom poms I bought for Meg from Dollarama.
This wasn't on the list I just made since I actually did this last weekend.  Today, I sewed a little camera bag for Lucy, which I had forgotten to put on that list.  So, there's nothing to cross off yet!


Jemajo said...

I love the monkey - totally love it!
What a pity you can't remember the site/link!

Marg Coe said...

Tracy, your little monkey is so cute. What a lovely gift for a five year old. I bet she will cherish that little fellow/gal for a long time. Way to go.