Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yarn Confession Time

Yes, I spelled "confession" right this time :)

The school board and police services are having a cold weather clothing drive for northern First Nations communities.  I don't have a lot that I can donate in the way of winter boots or snowpants, but I do have a lot of yarn to make hats!  Or so I thought!  After about 5 hats, I was getting worried!  The pattern I'm using is a doubled hat, and it uses a lot of yarn, up to 160gr for a man's hat!  I wanted to get the kids involved too, so we went to Zeller's, where they just happened to be having a sale on Bernat Super Value and TLC Essentials.  Buy One, Get One 1/2 off.  We picked out 8 skeins, but I found out when we got home that one of the ones Hugh picked--Bernat Camouflage--was not on sale, which meant that one of the other yarns could not be half price.  Oh well!

Bernat Camouflage            142gr    $6.49
Super Value Wild Flowers  142gr    $5.39
Super Value  Super Pink     197gr     $6.49
TLC Dark Brown                 170gr    $3.24
Super Value Damson          197gr     $6.49
Super Value Lotus               142gr    $3.24
Super Value Luxury Ombre 142gr    $6.49
TLC Surf n Turf                    127gr    $3.24

Total                                  +1259gr     $46.41 (inc 13% tax)

Year Total In                      +1917gr      $77.19
Year Total Out                  -1246gr
  Total Surplus                    +671gr yarn in

However, I have over 1200gr of hats and scarves for donation that won't be totalled up until Sunday night.  Although the yarn in got a huge boost last night from a donation from a friend of my mother in law.  Wish I could have gotten it last weekend instead of buying more yarn, but it was fun teaching the kids how to use the machines.  So far, I'm averaging spending about $2.50 per day on yarn.   I expect that to go down though!


Marg said...

Looks like you are gaining ground on your stash of yarn. Keep up the good work.

TracyKM said...

Oh boy Marg....on top of the yarn I got gifted to me last week, I was at a Stedman's this weekend and picked up MORE yarn! It was a good deal....