Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yarn Confession Time

(Edit--I have gone back and changed my yarn in and yarn out totals to reflect ALL yarn, not just bought yarn)

Back when I was making the items for the First Nations cold weather clothing drive, I asked on Freecycle for yarn donations.  I got none.  As I was finishing up the items, my mother-in-law phoned me to let me know her friend was giving away a lot of yarn and fabric and did I want any?  Uh, how can I say no?  I hate to see orphaned yarn!  Some of it was odd balls, and some of it was multiple balls of a particular yarn.  There was quite a bit, in four colours, of Sear's "Giselle", a bulky mohair blend, for example.  All together, there was 4628grams!  Then, on Sunday, in exchange for completing a pair of baby booties for another of my mother-in-law's friends, I received 192gr of yarn. 
I decided to keep my donated yarn totals separate from what I've bought.  Although it might get tricky when trying to figure yarn out amounts if an item was part my stash, part donated. 

This morning I went to Value Village.  I passed by the yarn section and got some great purchases:
LionBrand Homespun        323 gr              $2.99
Mary Maxim Royale            165gr              $3.99
Bouquet "Cindy"                  261gr              $3.99
Donation                           4820gr
Total In                                 749gr           $12.40 inc HST
Year Total In                          8934gr            $123.46

I have a couple things to show that will bring the total out down.
Donate to Adriana                   122gr
Donate to Kim                         698gr
Afghan                                     679gr
Swatches                                   125gr

Total Out  (today)                  1624gr

Year Out Total:          5405gr  
Year In Total:              8934gr
   Year Balance             3529gr more IN than used
Costs:  $123.46/50days = $2.47/day

I have another bag of Bouquet Cindy in the same colour, different dye lot--300gr, and the Value Village tag is still on--$4.99  I wonder how they price their yarns!  Look at that Homespun price!

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