Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Don't you hate it when you're doing a project to use up stash, and it ends up you have to buy more yarn to complete it?  It was like that with all the charity items I was making, but at least inexpensive yarn was a good choice.  This time, it's a shawl with sock yarn.  I suppose I could have just ditched the project and tried something else, but I really wanted to complete it.  So, off to the store to buy another ball of Kertzer "On Your Toes Bamboo".  I was a little stunned though that it was $14.68 with tax.  It's not a generous ball, 100gr is 300m, but I was surprised that I was only 1/4 way through my design but had used up 1/3 of the ball.  I'm altering it a little to make it shorter and hopefully a bit wider now.
This was the swatch, trying out tensions, different amounts of rows for each group.

This is about 8" long (which will be the width along the bottom), and I had used up 33gr.

It was turning out wider (to become the length) than I wanted, which I wouldn't care too much about but I didn't want it to cover too much of my rear, and I want to make sure to have enough yarn that I can wrap it around me comfortably.
So, I frogged it all back, bought another ball (different dye lot though), and am about to get re-started.  This is fun lace to do, can be done on any gauge machine, and although there was a handknit version in it's not something most people would hand knit!

Yarn In:  10 466+ 100 gr = 10 566gr
Yarn Out:  5538gr
Balance: 5028gr more in than used
Costs:  $174.48 averages to $2.42/day

Still under $2.50 per day, but I really want to get it back closer to $2/day.  Not ever having kept track before, I don't know if that's a logical amount.  I keep saying I don't need to buy any yarn, but somehow, I still have bought almost $300 this year, LOL!

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