Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Awww Man!!!

Last week I swatched for a sweater.  The swatch did not look like the pattern at all, and since I was already in an email discussion (about something else) with the designer, I asked her about it.  Apparently that issue of Knitwords is just full of errors!  I liked my swatch and realized it'd make the perfect scarf for a project I"m doing.  I decided to try it and use both beds for the edges.  I don't know if there's anyway, on a Singer, to get the MB sts to not knit in pattern at the edges, except for pulling them to HP.  When I do that, they tend to get bumped by the side levers and then the stitches get dropped off.  I tried moving the edge stitches around so they'd fall on non-patterning needles, but perhaps I should have experimented during the swatch stage with that.
I was getting pretty frustrated.  There were MANY loops on either side (especially the left side though).  The yarn seemed to either get stuck in the tension mast due to the mohair, or else it started to slide too freely due to the slipperiness of the mohair.  It kept getting wound around the tuck brushes.  If I noticed soon enough, I could unloop it, but that resulted in loops at the edges to work in later.  I was getting so frustrated, and not enjoying the process which was going WAY too slow for a scarf.

And then....

Apparently the scarf was getting frustrated with me because it just jumped right off the needles.  Committed knitted suicide before I even had a chance for an intervention.  Not that I would have...I laid it to rest overnight and got started fresh in the morning, this time not using both beds.  It's gone much better, though I was still getting looping.  I finally took the tuck brushes off (actually, they nearly fell off when I went to take them off), and finished fairly quickly.  It soaked yesterday, today I'll steam it and show pictures later!

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