Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Sideways

I keep thinking I don't have anything finished to show, since I got stalled on the secret scarves project.  And then I remember a project I finally finished...and then I forget about it...then I remember, but the pictures are still on the camera....then I forget....then the pictures are on the downstairs computer and I'm upstairs....then I forget....then I get sidetracked with sewing a new dress for a concert....I would have done better using my time to practice for the concert....

Anyway!  LAST year (OMG.  Really.  Last year!), Mary Anne Oger started a new series of patterns, called "Pattern of the Month".  I bought the first subscriptions for three standard gauge, and three mid-gauge patterns.  The first one I started (uh, the only one I've started actually), was "In The Tweeds".  I had some Sirdar Panoramic, a wool, self-striping yarn in the right gauge.  I had planned to do something sideways or diagonal, and have had this yarn for a long time.  Since before 2005, I suspect.  I got started right away, and got it mostly finished pretty quickly.  The last bit of finishing did take awhile, and then I stalled.  Oh boy.  I was great, went and got a zipper, even pre-washed it a couple times.  But it sat.  And sat.  And sat, just needing that zipper sewn in. 

However,  it turned out a little large.  She says to choose the larger size if you're in between sizes, but I don't think I should have.  And then I went and did a crazy thing last winter....lost weight....and now it swims on me.

 I like the striping, but the back, in particular, is too big on me.  There are short row gores along the bottom edge, and I just didn't need extra width on my back (you can see it's too wide at my upper/mid back which is above the gores).
 You can see I need the petite armhole adjustment--the armhole is a little too deep for me.
The zipper is nice.  Glad I finally got around to sewing it in!

I would like to sell this jacket.  It's 100% wool (handwash, or machine wool cycle), and I believe, a 44" chest.  I'm 5'1" and it totally covers my bum and then some, so I would imagine someone up to 5'5" or 5'6" could still easily wear this.  I'm asking $50 plus shipping, but I would prefer it to go to someone local.  Should I try 

This doesn't affect my yarn totals at all, since it was from early last year.  However, my daily average for yarn spent is now down to $1.95/day since I haven't bought anymore.  Haven't finished up anything either....but I did get the sewing machines out...

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