Sunday, August 19, 2012

Checking In

Sorry for the silence.  I went away to my parents for a week, to house/dog/chicken sit, and my laptop died before I could do any blogging.  Then we came home and had a "staycation" while my sister-in-law and her daughter were up, staying at her parents.  It was fun playing tourists, and seeing the cousins having fun together, but there wasn't much time for blogging.  Or sewing.  Or machine knitting.  I've been doing some sock hand knitting, that's about it.  Got one pair finished up, but no pictures yet.  Still have to show a re-fashion or two.  Sewed a knit dress muslin from "Sew U for Knits" by Wendy.  Not thrilled with it, so it's a nightgown.  Oh, and while I was away, I picked up a bag of yarn at a thrift store.  Other than that, it's been busy here, LOL.  I'll post again later in this week, with an update on the yarn totals and some pictures!

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