Friday, September 07, 2012

Green Eggs

Now, with most eggs, you can't just leave them laying around.  Nope, not recommended.  However, for this one, thankfully that was okay.  According to Ravelry, I started this mid-April 2011.  It went quite quickly at first, but well...the combination of the fine yarn...the endless repeats of the main chart....losing the pattern repeatedly....making the chart the background on my laptop so I wouldn't "lose" it and then having the laptop break....I finally finished in mid-May 2012.  And finally blocked it early September 2012.  Right before my husband dropped my beloved camera onto the concrete step.  Sigh.  So these pictures were taken with my older camera.  It's rather challenging to take pictures of a green shawl in a primarily green backyard!

 I used a cone of machine knitting yarn.  The stamp inside the cone says PC 40 -8801W (or could be -6901W) and also PE 50% CM 50%.  I never bothered with a flame test, with a 50/50 content who knows what will happen.  There was some shrinkage and fluffing when I steamed it.
 I was only going to steam out the points since I didn't want it any larger, but I went ahead and did the whole thing. 
It's huge.  On my shoulders, it comes down past my wrists.
 And weighs nothing.  94grams.  Over a year spent; a noticeable dent in the size of the cone, and less than 100grams. Which I don't get to count towards my stash busting since I started it last year before I started keeping track.
The points have relaxed quite a bit since I steamed in on the long weekend.That's alright.  The points don't keep the sun off you, or keep you warm.

And oh yeah, the pattern is Omelet, from  The longest one egg has ever been cooking.


Cindy/KS said...

I like that! I usually just wet mine down good & then pin them out on the interlocking foam mat pieces, using T-pins. I am working on 2 shawls at the moment - 1 new one & 1 older one. I have 2 others that are hibernating at the moment though.

TracyKM said...

I do usually try to pin them out while they're still damp from their wash, but ummm...this didn't take from May to now to dry, LOL. I also like to do a bit of steam after it dries...a little insurance, LOL. I need to start another shawl, but can't decide which. I have some machine knit shawl ideas floating around too...I need an easy knit for while my daughter is at figure skating, but I get bored easily!