Monday, September 10, 2012

Short and Sweet

This post, not me.  LOL.

I got to Freecycle some yarn this weekend, 76gr of Bernat Sparkle in baby pink.  Almost as much yarn as that green shawl, and I didn't have to knit a stitch.

Finished another crocheted square baby blanket.  I like using the 10mm hook, even if I'm still annoyed I paid about $2 too much for it.  This blanket weighed in at 312gr.

Do you notice the extra 4.1mega pixels with my new camera?

Yarn In:  14 828gr
Yarn Out:  12 417gr + 76gr + 312gr = 12 859gr
Balance: 1969gr more In than Out
Costs:  $317.59/260 days =  $1.22/day

Imagine if I had been making all those crocheted baby blankets with yarn from my stash, instead of yarn I was given last winter?  (I did do a couple with stash yarn, but really should do more!). This is it for the Sears "Giselle" yarn, so stay tuned for whatever comes next.

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