Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Scarf

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At the recent machine knitting group I go to, I was having a hard time with a project.  I ran out of yarn for a hat.  Tried again, a bit smaller, but still not enough.  Then I tried another ruffle scarf.  I had picked out a grey/black ball  (66gr--100gr is a full ball) of  Bernat Truffles.  This was in the package of ruffle yarns I had gotten at Value Village, and I chose it that day because it's different than the other mesh ruffle yarns.   It has the edge with the loops that goes on the needles, then a narrow, silky ribbon like section, then the other edge is a thick chenille strand.  It's not very wide.

I thought I'd knit it with some grey yarn as the backing yarn.  No way was this happening.  I could not keep the thin ribbon down and the loops kept popping off the needles, more weight didn't really help.  It was not liking me.  Finally, I gave up and knit it over 5 needles, with 3 out of work needles between each.  I hung every other loop on the loopy edge on each needle and "knit" each stitch by hand.

Even so, it was a very quick knit.  The scarf is lovely, though since it technically is in stockinette stitch, it rolls!  The stitches close in, and with the rolling, it's become a very narrow scarf with a neat look.  Not so overly frou-frou like the other mesh yarns.  Available for  $25.

Later in the week, I picked up another ball, in browns, from Wal-Mart ($5.61; 100gr).  I thought I'd try handknitting it since I needed a travel project.  OMG.  I could manage the stitches, but I realized that by knitting every row, the ruffles end up on both sides, and I found maneuvering the yarn at the start of the row very awkward...I kept wanting to knit it heading back towards the ball somehow!!  I finally gave up.

Then when I went to put the ball of yarn back downstairs, I realized that the bag I got at Value Village had a ball of it in the browns!  So, do I make a double wide scarf (and considering how narrow it is when it rolls, it still won't be wide), or do I make two narrow ones?  I'll have to weigh the ball from VV first.

Then, I had to go to Michaels to pick up some yarn to make a matching diaper cover to go with that adorable pink/beige hat, so I had to pick up a few other balls of yarn while I was there (total: $11.27; 300gr).   I've got a little stack of itty bitty baby items to photograph and weigh before meeting the photographer tomorrow.  So exciting!

Yarn In:  400gr + 17 741gr = 18 141gr
Yarn Out:  66gr+ 14 574gr =  14 640gr
Balance:  3501gr more brought IN than used up
Costs:  $16.88 + $420.20= $437.08/311 days = $1.41

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Pat aka Posh said...

Hi Tracy.. this is your FB knitting friend Patricia T... I really don't remember how long or how I found your blog LOL I've been lurking for some time now..
I really do need to make my daughter one of these scarf's.. I don't know how you manage to take care of a family and knit as much as you do..