Friday, November 23, 2012

Cuteness and Contest

Wow, what a week.  It was going fine until I got a call on Wednesday that my son got hurt at school and I needed to come.  Ended up taking him to a walk in clinic for stitches, and while they were setting up for that, I get a call saying my daughter had been hurt.  When I went in to get her, I told them that if child #3 gets hurt to just call daddy cause I was at my limit, LOL.  This disruption wouldn't have been too bad, but I had plans for the day because I was going out of town on Thursday.  Got home to the typical post-school madness, running kids to friends, dinner, band rehearsal, etc.  Today, I've got a lot on my to-do list again, since I will also be away on Monday! 

Anyway....Contest first!  I've just past my 600 post!  I'm going to give away a copy of "Long Legged Friends", a totally cute Japanese crochet book!  You can see it, and a project, over here.  Isn't that adorable?!  So, leave me a comment and I'll make the draw next Tuesday, Nov 27.

And now for the cuteness (you thought that was the cute part of the post?  LOL).

Two baby "Thorpe"s!  I crocheted several baby blankets with donated yarn in the summer, this Sear's "Giselle" yarn.  I knew I had some of the green one left over, and while digging around, I found I had two balls of this pink/white/grey.  I started with the one on the right, using 8 sts less than the smallest size in the pattern, and a few other adjustments.  In the end, it turned out too big for my newborn ball.  So, what to do with the second ball?  I don't think the larger size would need a diaper cover for photo prop use, so I tried sizing the pattern down even more.  It's still a little big on my "newborn head ball".  More like a 6 month size, I think.  I used up every last bit of the yarn for the pompom.  It's huge.  Love the huge pompoms on tiny hats. But it means the bigger hat doesn't get a pompom.  Together, they weigh 103gr.  The one on the left looks lighter, but it's just that it ended up with not much grey on the front.  They are so soft and snuggly.  I want one too!  (For sale on my boutique site!)

That 103gr did not offset what I purchased yesterday (533gr).  Sigh. 

Yarn In:  18 482 + 533gr = 19 015gr
Yarn Out:  15 365gr + 103gr = 15 468gr
Balance:  3547 gr more brought IN than used
Costs:  $19.01 + $449.33 = $468.34/334 days = $1.40/day

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lzbthmcmullen said...

Tracy, those are adorable! I totally agree with you about giant pom poms on little hats. It just makes them that much more adorable.