Monday, March 25, 2013


Back in the fall, when I went with the other ladies from my machine knitting group to "Peter's Knit and Sew" in Toronto, I picked up a ball of James Brett Marble Chunky.  I want to get more boyish items in my inventory.  I love this yarn.
 I needed a mindless knit, so I decided to handknit this as a circle blanket, working from the center outwards. 
 This is one ball, though I wish I had a second so that I could match up the colours and use both yarns at the same time to get thicker stripes as the blanket got bigger.  However, I think this probably would have been more frustrating and not worth the effort, LOL.  It's not a huge blanket, but it'd be a good size for a baby, and then as a "lovey" to be carried around.
This yarn is two ply, both plies are the same colours.  Sometimes they align so that both plies are at the same colour at the same time, and that's okay, except for when both plies are the beige.  I didn't like that for some reason--too bright?  The yarn has a slight sheen, and is very soft.  I highly recommend it!

I counted this "yarn in" last fall, so that's great, although I did just buy some more Bernat Mosaic...two balls, 200gr...$14.17....

Yarn In: 4892gr + 200gr = 5092gr
Yarn Out:  1304gr + 200gr = 1504gr
Balance:  3588gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $141.54 + $14.17 = $155.71/84 days = $1.85/day

I also just got some small bits of yarn donated to me by my mother-in-law...


Marg Coe said...

Missed you at Knit Club yesterday but can see you have been busy. Love the blanket. Looks really soft and cozy - perfect for a wee one!

TracyKM said...

Sadly, Marg, I can't remember what I knit last on the knitting machine....I think a giant size circular blanket back in early Feb or January? With everything that's been going on in my basement, it's not really practical to be using my machine. I was hoping to come on Monday, but a number of things changed my plans :(