Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Bigger Dent

I am donating a bagful of yarn to a mother on our School Community Council (Ontario's version of PTA); she makes afghans for cancer treatment centres (or donates the yarn to the baskets in the waiting room).  She's also getting a bag of "milk bags".  Here in Ontario, milk is sold in three pouches, together in one larger bag.  The outer bags are collected, cut into strips, and crocheted into plastic sleep mats for developing countries.  The plastic yarn is sometimes called "plarn".

Off to a new home is 700gr of Olive "Decor", 394gr of baby blue Berella 4, 81gr of green Berella 4, 174gr of green Zeller's yarn, 50gr of blue Zeller's Sayelle, and 580gr of bulky peach Canadiana.  Only the "Decor" is yarn I've bought myself.  The peach Canadiana is left over from the sweater that was found in my aunt's stuff after she died, with a partially knit sweater that I finished off for my mom.  Great sweater, except my mom is rarely cold enough to need a sweater LOL.  It feels nice to pass on some yarn, though I don't notice any difference in my yarn collection LOL!!  And seeing my totals below...I'm giving away more yarn that what I've used this year?!  What am I doing with my time?!  Oh, I do have a few projects to show, so it might even out.

Yarn In:  6437gr
Yarn Out: 1979gr (donation) + 1698gr = 3677gr
Balance:  2760gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $173.75/121 days = $1.44 per day

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