Monday, May 13, 2013


No, not me!  Not even anyone I know!  It's my new "Twins & Siblings" line of hats.  Usually I'm working from limited supplies of a particular yarn, due to getting it at close outs, thrift stores, vintage items, ripped out commercial sweaters, etc.  So, when I get a larger batch of yarn, I'm now going to make several same sized, but slightly different hats, along with a couple larger size ones.

The first of the line is in Bernat "Mosaic".  I love this yarn.  It's 100% acrylic, but has a rustic look, similar to Noro yarns.  Subtle shading, instead of distinct variegation.
 However, the hats all took about the same amount of yarn, and turned out quite similar.  I made the top left one, then the bottom left...finishes with the brim in orange, and then move to the top, 2nd from the left and it's orange to start at the top again.  There's two different stitch patterns used, I thought that would mix it up a little, but no....for my next batch of Mosaic hats, I need to make them really different patterns, or just scrap some yarn so they don't start at the same point in the colourway.  I bought this yarn, 3 or 4 balls in a bag, for $10--however, they had only two colourways, both boy-ish (bought them both). (One hat apparently missed this photo shoot!)
 This bunch of hats is in the grey yarn that i used for the Hershey Kiss outfit and layering blanket.  Still have quite a bit left.  The left and middle hats are newborn size, and of course the flower could be taken off to make the left one a boy hat.  The one on the right is the same design as the middle one, but a toddler size.  I think the flowers should have been on both these hats, and not the one on the left.
These hat patterns are all from  I did have to alter this one since the top portion just didn't come out right, so I used the same pattern/stitch numbers as the other newsboy cap.

Yarn In:  6437gr
Yarn Out:  230gr + 3677gr = 3907gr
Balance:  2530gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $173.75/133 days = $1.31/day

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