Monday, June 17, 2013

Water, Water....

It's a water bottle holder factory here, it seems!  I'm surprised I didn't show these yellow ones, since I had them done in mid-May (one was a gift, so I think I was holding out).
 They all reverse to black.  One of the yellow circles ones was for my niece.  The other three are available.
 Rubber duckie holder for my SIL who is obsessed with rubber duckies.  Reverses to white.  She's an adult with her own washing machine...LOL.
This one is kitties on one side, and a blue pattern on the reverse.  I gave it to Andrea, who owns Crazy Corn, who sold me a big bucket of a custom creation for the raffle table at our Spring Fling. 
This was the picture she posted on Facebook, of how she intends to use it.  The small size fits commercial bottled water and beer bottles!  Perfect for summer parties when you need two hands to eat and have no where to put your drink! 

Got a favourite animal, hobby, colour, theme?  Old college shirt?  I can make these in any fabric.  Multi-item discounts available!

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