Thursday, September 12, 2013

Minty Fresh

I borrowed a car seat from one of the photographers I make a lot of stuff for, and as a thank you, I knit a tiny pair of mohair pants, to match the Zen Gnome hat.  I knew the hat would look nice with cream or tan pants (and was hoping to get orders for those!  LOL), so I went with the mint colour...something a little different.

The look so tiny to me, though compared to another pair I just made, these look large...I wonder if I can count the rows in the rise...LOL.  I know newborns are tiny though, and it's just hard to remember just HOW tiny!  They weigh only 23gr!!  Look how adorable they are with the matching Zen Gnome hat!  Thanks Jennifer!

I just bought a 1lb Mill end bag that looks like the old Patons "Pooch", but could also be one of the new yarns I saw at Michaels last night, though they weren't in cream.  I'm hoping it's Pooch, which was part wool, so I can dye it.  But Pooch was discontinued a LONG time ago.  And, the Patons website has changed....on the bag, it says "Value Pack" and "Cambridge Fibres Ltd" and has an address in Cambridge (Spinrite is in Listowel), but usually these bags are of Spinrite yarns, and I can pick out what ones they are LOL.  This also says to machine wash, which I'm not sure the Pooch was.  Oh, and I bought a skein of Homespun for an order...

Yarn In: 9022gr + 454gr +  170gr = 9646gr
Yarn Out:  4997gr + 23gr = 5020gr
Balance:  4626gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $271.21+ $11.58 = $282.79/256 days = $1.10/day

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