Thursday, November 14, 2013

There's a Tree for Everyone

Jennifer included two different Christmas tree hats in her recent order.  Of course, there were some small details that were different than the original pictures.  The first one was in white, and the original had a red scallop trim.  She didn't want that, but wanted it in a ***** yarn (really, she drew little * shapes on the paper), sort of hairy, sticks out from the hat yarn.  I love deciphering descriptions of yarns by non-fiber people :)  Luckily, she had an existing hat in her collection to show me that she wanted an eyelash, or fun fur, yarn.  Easy!

Well, finding red eyelash that was affordable, wasn't so easy.  I found some quickly, but it was too orange.  I searched for hats and scarves at thrift stores.  None in solid red.  Finally I gave in and bought a ball.  Then, two weeks later, I find out there are solid coloured eyelash scarves at the big dollar store :(
I used the eyelash held double, and switch from the half double crochet in the white section to single crochet in the red, to up the oomph factor.  Eyelash yarn is pretty skimpy on it's own.

It's a nice little hat, not too cutesy.  It could even be worn backwards for a simple look, or for Valentine's Day.  (28gr)

The other hat was more of a stocking hat in a bright green.  Jennifer isn't in the bright colours, but I liked the "cleaner" shade of green (I first called it a "clear green" and she said that sounded like it should be transparent, LOL!).  I also worked up a sample in a dull, mossy green.  The brighter green won out.  The original had blue, red, and yellow bobbles, but she wanted grey, blue and yellow.  I didn't have much in a bright blue, but I had even less in a "nice" yellow.  I used up every little bit that I had.  How can I be so deficient in yellow and orange yarn (I had only a small amount for Frosty's nose too!)?

 She really liked this hat, and it was fun to make (even though she turned down my suggestion for real mini lights on it!).  Even her teen aged son liked it!  Isn't her shot adorable!  Very subtle Christmas, love how it matches the green ornament.  There's also a blue velvet Waves layering blanket in that stack!  (48gr hat).  Click on the picture to see a larger version!

Yarn In:  12 957gr
Yarn Out:  76gr + 14 227gr = 14 303gr
Balance:  1346 gr more OUT than in
Cost:  $258.29/319 days = $0.81/day

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