Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I know I get about 10-15 views for my "average" pages, and quite a few more for pages that I have patterns (especially linked to Ravelry).  But I have 59 "followers".  Why do people follow a blog if they don't read it?  One-sixth of my "followers" read my blog regularly.  I haven't had a comment since Oct 29.  My most "commeted" month was January, and my post with the most comments?  NO knitting/crocheting content at all :(  All total, last year, I had 24 comments (including at least 4 that had nothing to do with knitting).

I write because I like to share knowledge and writing is an easy way to do that.  It's a great record of what I've created, and hopefully inspires others.

But when you have very little confirmation that others find what you have to say to be of any's really hard to keep going.  At least, with my facebook page, I can get thumbs up (although pictures don't often show up in newsfeeds, and again, the number of real fans is quite low compared to how many likes you have).  Maybe I need one of those little bars under the posts, where readers can click "like/funny/agree/learned something" etc.  How do I do that?

On a positive note, my husband found a missing ball of sock yarn!  I thought it might be in a suitcase pocket, but I guess I checked the wrong suitcase.  I was so down about losing it since I had already started the socks, toe up, and was at the heels when I ran out.


Abe said...

I enjoy reading, although I haven't been following very long. You should continue to write because you want to, to see your own progress and successes, not because you want others to see it.

steel breeze said...

Been reading for a while but there's not always anything I need to say? Ask questions and you'll get answers! Oh, the "like" code is within Blogger I think, try editing your post template.

I don't get many comments or "likes" either, but I don't really mind. It's not personal! :)

Sheryl Evans said...

I think it is a lot of fun to write a blog, & I would do it even if nobody read it. I don't have many followers either but I appreciate all of them & follow the ones that have blogs too. In the evening, when I have some alone time I read the blogs I follow. I don't read every single blog every day & rarely comment unless something grabs me. I have had some serious health issues the past several years so don't actually go out very much. Now my vision is deteriorating & I am worried that I will lose this part of my life too. Instead of feeling bad that not enough people are reading your blog try to appreciate the ones that do. & do it for your own enjoyment.:)