Friday, April 04, 2014


My neighbour is expecting her second baby, and this time it's a girl.  This couple is not what I'd consider traditional, but by today's standards, they aren't unusual either.  Think tattoos, black clothes, etc.  Wonderful people and their son is adorable.  When he was born, I gave them a pumpkin hat for Halloween (he was born in early October).  This time, I was a little stumped.  We're not cozy neighbours, but our husbands chat quite a bit when outside. 

When I first started TracyKM Designs, the photographer I was working with sent my an inspiration picture.  I recognize the crocodile stitch booties in a Knit Picks ad a while later.  Recently, I got around to purchasing the pattern.  I thought they'd be a nice modern gift.  I poured over the choices for KP Chroma but couldn't find one I really liked.  Sometimes these modern young people actually do like traditional baby items because it's so different to their daily lives.  I wanted something vibrant, that I could possibly pair with black or dark grey (I was thinking about a little sideways garter stitch jacket too).  Since I was also ordering myself a set of KP Options, finally, I decided to wait on the Chroma and see what I had in my stash, or could find locally.

I finally set off to look.  I was rather disappointed.  The sock yarns had colour changes that were too short.  Or odd colour pairings.  The fingering weight baby yarns were blah pastels.  Or, the colour changes were too short.  I didn' t really want to go to the "real" yarn store though.  On my second browse-through, I found two odd balls in a clearance section, with no prices.  They were perfect! 
"Loops and Threads" Graceful, for $3.99 each.  I chose a ball of Patons Lace Sequin in the dark purple.  Black just seemed too harsh.  I think I will use the vibrant ball on the left.  All three balls came to $14.43!

Now, I just need to finish up some other things :)

Yarn In: 270gr + 1354gr = 1624gr
Yarn Out:  809gr
Balance:  815gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $14.43 +$53.75= $68.18/94 days = $0.73/day

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