Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yes, Another Pair

I love it when a client refers someone new to me!  I got a request for another pair of felted clogs, this time in an 8.5/9 though.  I used a variegated yarn (Classic Wool).  I started the inner sole with one strand bright pink, and one strand of the multi.  Then when I got to the body of the clog, I used two strands of the multi, but realized after a few rows that I should be matching up the colours on both strands.  Sometimes, this meant cutting a bit of one yarn as the colours started to not match up after a few rows.  I did the outer sole in dark brown, with "no bumper".  On the second clog, I ran out of bright pink on the inner sole, so for the last row I used a purple with the multi.  For the cuff, I didn't worry about matching the colours of the two strands, hoping for a slightly different look than the body.

When I started these, I thought I had 9mm needles, but couldn't find them, so used the 8mm which is what I knew I used to use.  I was just about done when I found the 9mm ones.  I was a little worried, because this meant I was knitting a bit tight, and the 8.5 size is kind of in between two sizes.  I did try to knit loose, but somehow, when I set them out to take a before picture, one was smaller than the other!!

I felted it a little less, and stretched it a lot!!
Yarn In: 1624gr
Yarn Out:  175gr + 818gr = 993gr
Balance:  631gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $68.18/100 days = $0.68/day

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