Friday, May 23, 2014


I KNEW something was off.  I couldn't quite figure it out because I was sure I had followed the pattern, and I had done the pattern before, so surely, it must be right.  I couldn't put my finger on the problem, so that must mean there is no problem...I looked this way, I looked that way.  I kept knitting. I was thinking of sewing up the sleeve seam, and if I had done so, I would've spotted my error.  Instead, I just happened to lay it out in such a way to see my mistake.

It's had to explain.  You're working sideways, starting at the front edge.  To make the sleeve, you leave some body stitches on a holder and cast on the same number.  It connects up at the yoke, that continues around at the shoulder.  To finish the sleeve, you cast off the stitches that were cast on, and pick up the body stitches that were left on a holder.

  I kept looking at the back and thinking it was short, since I was sure I was making this a bit bigger than the pattern.  I looked closely.  Previously, I had only examined the front, which was right, so I had ignored the back, where the problem was.  Ugh.

When I casted off, I casted off all the sleeve and lower part of the yoke, right up to the purple part.  That meant the stitches that were supposed to be over the shoulder, in the multi yarn, were now from the body, meaning the body was suddenly about 10 sts too short across the back.   You can see how the front part, underneath, is longer than the back part (the lower edges at matched up).

I had to rip back to the arm.  I was already disappointed by the multi coloured yarn...the colour runs were much shorter than I expected so the stripes were a little too blended.  I almost ditched the whole thing.  But no.  I'm plugging on.  Baby is getting bigger every day, I must get it done!

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