Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I have been working on two pairs of socks for a looong time.  This pair, I don't know when I started, but according to this blog, the last pair of socks I finished was April 2012, so it was probably after that.  Last summer/fall I lost the second ball of yarn, and with my TracyKM Designs doing well, I just left the socks to simmer. It was located in mid-January, and I got going on the socks again, as my portable project.  I finally got them finished yesterday.  Though I wonder if they're too short.  I'm just done.  I've had this yarn forever (probably 12 years), and it's time they were done.
 They were started toe up, two at a time on one circular, and I had trouble getting the size right so I increased a few stitches on the last row.  Then I remembered I wanted some ribbing, but I had already done the toe.  I opted to start ribbing in the middle and gradually build it outwards.  However, between the extra stitches, and the switch to rib, the toe looked rather odd.  Bulbous.  I knew the ribbing would stretch out fine, but the toe seemed bulky.  But I kept  going.  Did a Fleegle heel, carrying an inch width's of ribbing up the back from the bottom of the heel.  As I went up the leg I increased at the back and incorporated the stitches into ribbing.
I decided when they were done to re-do the toe.  Snipped a thread, and ripped out a row, then back a couple rows to get to the wonky bit at the start of the rib.  It was annoying, since I had to thread the yarn through the stitches that had been increased.  Then I realized...I had to make sure to centre the ribbing again.  I thought I had it, but I guess this one was a little off.  It took me a couple tries to get the toes just right (they kept ending up too short), but they fit much better now.  And, no surprise, I have yarn left over from the toes--in fact, one whole toe's worth!  I actually have 29gr left from the pair, and since the balls were 45gr, the pair is only 61gr (I was hoping for closer to 100gr).  Which means, I could possibly make a pair of anklets?  I'll have to see how this yarn feels once it's washed.  It's a little stringy now.  The yarn is Lang "JaWoll Color" superwash.  It comes with a 5gr tube of matching reinforcement thread, which I didn't use.

Yarn In: 4903gr
Yarn Out: 61gr + 1751gr = 1812gr
Balance:  3091 gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $284.07/168 days = $1.69/day

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