Thursday, July 03, 2014

I Did It Again

My middle child, Lucy, wanted to make her music teacher a gift.  Mrs. S has been at their school for a long time (much longer than Lucy), and last year, due to a split 6/7 class, some grade 6ers got to learn an instrument.  It was successful, so she introduced instrumental music to all grade 6ers this past school year.  Lucy was in grade 6 and trumpet was chosen for her.  It was a bumpy ride in the first few weeks as Lucy adjusted from a spoon-fed curriculum to a self-lead curriculum ("all the knowledge you need is in the paragraph at the top of the page.  Read it"..."I don't want to read it.").  Once she got the basics of notation and pitch, she was off to the races.  In the spring, she got asked to join the jazz band, which is mostly grade 7 & 8.  It was a definite challenge, but she tried her best.  She searched Pinterest and came up with the idea of a letter S, decoupaged with music, on a plaque.  Off to Michaels' we went.  Picture later, it's on the iPad and I can't seem to use it for blogging.

Of course, I had to check to see if they had more of that reflective yarn, and indeed, they did!  And a few other yarns.  It appears Patons Lace is either discontinued or not going to be carried anymore :(  I picked up another couple balls, even though I knew they didn't match the dyelot I already had.  There was a LOT of the turquoise, which is gorgeous, but I have a large unlabelled skein of turquoise laceweight that I bought at Value Village, and I wonder if it might be one of the mystery skeins Spinrite sells at their tent sale.  I should do a burn test. There was also some other really nice yarns.  And, I had a coupon, though it didn't apply to clearance items.

Anyway.  590gr of yarn.  That reflective yarn is heavy!  100gr is only 88yds, compared to 70gr of Patons Lace that is 344yds.  And today I have to go pick up a couple more balls (uh, like 5) to work on that copy cat sweater.  $23.65

Yarn In: 4903gr + 590gr = 5493gr
Yarn Out:   1971gr
Balance:  3522 gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $23.65+ $284.07/ = $307.72/184days = $1.67/day

Still to come:  chunky cable cap, grey pixie bonnet, red and white bottle holder, Toothless....

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