Monday, December 29, 2014

Odds and Ends

Just a little post with some odds and ends.

I think this was the first year I used yarn instead of ribbon for Christmas presents.  I didn't have any ribbon or bows (that I could find), so I went with yarn.  I could customize it for each present!  I started out with just tying a simple bow, then started getting fancy--tying each end into a bow, so it became fluffy, multi-looped bows!

 Canadian Christmas tree photo--our ice skates are all there beside it!  Our colours this year were turquoise and silver and I grabbed a roll that had red too (cause I thought Santa might have red paper).   Of course I have lots of yarns in those colours!

 Fluffy bows!

 None of those yarns were white--they were very pale grey and turquoise.  I used about 40grams!

For awhile, my sister in law has been wanting me to fix her gloves.  But she lives 11 hours away.  In the summer, she forgot to bring them, but they came up for Christmas and on Saturday night, she realized she had them with her, and could I fix them before they left--5:30am on Monday.  Sure!  What's one thumb in fingering weight alpaca?
 One thumb was split and the other had wear/thinning spots.  I made these for Christmas 2010, on the Singer 327.  At first I was going to re-knit the thumbs by hand...but then I remembered that I had used the glove calculator pattern and probably kept the print out!  I found the binder, and what I assumed was the pattern, on Saturday night and planned to get started bright and early on Sunday.  Of course, come Sunday, both girls wanted me to set them up with new knitting projects (including teaching Lucy how to do Magic Loop).  I did manage to get them done, though one thumb is a stitch or two smaller.
I always appreciate knowing that my knits are being used.  Wearing them out doesn't bother me.  I offer to repair when I can, or make more!  In this case, I used up another 5 grams of yarn!  Yay!  (Every little bit helps, especially since I just bought more!).

Yarn In:   9483gr
Yarn Out: 45gr + 6863gr = 6908gr
Balance: 2575gr  MORE brought IN then out
Costs: $486.12/347 days = $1.40/day

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