Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pocket Bunnies

I had an order for three Pocket Bunnies, one pink and one light purple, and a slightly larger one in dark purple.  It's fun to make a few of the same item when there are differences to keep them interesting.  Making half a dozen "Mushroom" teddy hoodies in two sizes.....not so engaging LOL.

For the pink one, I used Paton's "Lacette".  Remember I had a huge cone of it?  I actually had a long swatch from doing those ponchos, and rather than try to wind off a small ball of this slick, hairy yarn on my electric yarn winder, I used up the swatch.  I had trouble with the first leg, getting the foot narrow enough.  And, I started from the bear pattern that I had used before, but when I do the bunnies, I want the legs to be longer...only, I haven't really made notes of exactly how much longer LOL.  I didn't want to do purple in the ears, so I went with a cream.

 The light purple was next.  I used two strands of a fake mohair that I got from the dollar store.  It was pretty fine stuff!  I used the dark purple on it's ears.

The dark purple one was fun.  In  a way.  You start with the body, and I think I finally got a good belly on it.  Of course, I didn't write it down.  I made two heads for this bunny.  The yarn shifts from lightish purple to almost black, and when I was doing the head, it was almost black.  I was nearly done, and I put it on the body to check the size, and it looked awful.  I had hoped there'd be some gradation through the body, but this was too dramatic.  So I re-knit it in a lighter shade.  I knit the arms in the dark purple, but not the darkest part.  On the legs, I had an issue and the yarn broke.  When I re-joined it, I guess I took the other end of the ball, and there was a sudden change from light to dark.  Ripping out long haired mohair is hard!  This yarn was I had found at Value Village...It might have been Sirdar.  I'll try to find the label.  It's Christmas, you know!

The necks looked two small and wobbly, so I made them all scarves.  Three in purples, and three in the pink.
 I did the fork method of making  pompoms, though I find they turn out like two gumdrops stuck together, rather than a round ball.  Takes some trimming, but still cute.

In my updates post, I listed these at 75gr.  The final weight was actually 78gr.  I'm going to up it to 80gr but there are a lot of ends that get trimmed.  Although, I did use mainly scraps of the dark purple to stuff parts of him, especially the tips of the paws and the feet where you go from 5st to 10sts right after casting on.  I hate using white stuffing!

Yarn In:   9483gr
Yarn Out: 5gr + 6858gr = 6863gr
Balance: 2620gr  MORE brought IN then out
Costs: $486.12/345 days = $1.41/day

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