Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Just For Fun

I started seeing "reusable water balloons" this spring. Really? Now we're going to make reusable water balloons? Why?! Okay, we have a dog so when we do real balloons, there is the clean up issue. But why change the age-old tradition of water balloons?

I then read a blog post about them, along with the pattern. They started to seem like a good idea! Softer, no big explosion, no down time for filling. And no clean up.

I headed to Michaels with a coupon. The blog said she got four, I think from the ball. Well, of course, there are several different varieties of this yarn and I got a giant ball instead of the one she got, so I got all of these from the one ball. I didn't get the individual colours like she did though because mine wasn't a striped yarn.

 How many is there? 15? One came out quite large. I couldn't figure what I did wrong so the next one I did one less row and it's tiny. It's hard to tension this yarn, so I gave up and just let them be what ever size they wanted to be.
You must remember to tie off the starting yarn before you start decreasing. A few times I didn't, and thought "what will happen?" Well, the long end finds it's way out of the balloon.

Megan tested the first few in a friend's pool and said they were great. She said they didn't "really" sink. Well, they go down a foot or so. So at the cottage this past week she took them out with her cousin, into the lake, since there wasn't really a lawn.  Apparently they will sink. Otter Lake, south of Huntsville....keep your eyes open for two.

I used almost the entire giant ball, so I'm just counting it as if I did since the leftover wasn't enough for another one.

Yarn In: 2242gr
Yarn Out: 300gr + 2195gr = 2495gr
Balance:3 47gr more USED than bought
Costs:   $57.30/220 days = $0.24 per day

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