Saturday, August 26, 2017


Hugh mentioned that his friends pointed out that his t shirts are either stripes, or a funny graphic. After shopping for male t-shirt fabric...well, there's not much out there. I did find this tri-shade ribbed striped knit that I thought suited him. Used the same Melly Sews free man's t-shirt pattern though I was concerned the rib knit might make it too stretchy. It does seem to be a looser fit than his other blue striped shirt, but he says it's fine.

Once again, I tried to carefully cut it and sew the stripes, but when it came time to hem, It didn't go as well as I had hoped. I did scoop the neckline out just a bit (I think. Maybe I didn't do that until I did the neck shirt).
Can you believe how much he's changed, from his first blog appearance?

The even funnier part of this shirt is that a few days before we left for a week's extended family vacation at a cottage (where this picture was taken), I realized who already had a blue tri-coloured ribbed shirt. It had been bugging me since I bought the fabric. His grandmother!! Her's is a finer rib and a much slimmer silhouette (and RTW)...we went over to menu plan and she was wearing it.   I was hoping she would bring the shirt and I could get a picture of the two of  them together!

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