Wednesday, August 09, 2017

T Shirt Refashions

We all know the sadness of getting a t-shirt from an event and wondering who they thought it would fit. Here in the Durham District School Board, all kids in grade 5 take part in "Racing Against Drugs". There seems to be only one size of t-shirt given out. It still fits Megan, who is 11 and on the larger size, and it still fits Hugh, who is 17, 6'1" and 130lb. See the problem?

After making Megan a racer-back tank top (not blogged about yet), I thought maybe I could "feminize" the RAD t-shirt. The graphics on the back extended pretty far out to the sides, so I couldn't swoop it in too much. I also didn't want to mess with the lovely shoulder seams already there. They really do need to be taken in a bit though.
The armholes ended up quite large. She says she likes it because it is cool to wear a colourful sports bra or tank underneath.  Dad disagrees. To finish the armholes, I folded under and used a twin needle.  I read a hint to use woolly nylon in the bobbin, so I did that, and was quite pleased.

I also didn't want to mess with with neckband. This one isn't too bad, but some shirts are way too high.

Excited by her response to this one, I secretly re-did another free t-shirt she wasn't wearing. Her school choir performed the national anthem at an Oshawa General's hockey game. Cue the one size t-shirt.
 I thought I'd try making this one more feminine by using lingerie elastic around the armholes. I like it, but I think it would be more effective on a tight tank top.
 I could scoop the back in more, but I couldn't open the neck up too much. She had complained about the neck, so I thought even just a bit bigger would be good.
I used some blue and white striped fabric left from my son's t-shirt for the neckband. She wasn't as impressed as I thought she'd be. Neither of these shirts had side seams so I didn't feel like tapering them in any, and this one really didn't have much excess anyway. Overall, I liked the result, but she still doesn't like the shirt and won't use it even for sleep :(

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