Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lucy in the sky with scissors

This is the Jane of the Jungle bikini from I added a lot of short rows to get the bottom to cover the curvature of her behind, especially with a diaper on, LOL.
But take note of the beautiful long, curly, blonde hair. Oh so darling. A total pain to comb, but oh so cute!

I don't know how well you can see interesting, asymmetrical shag...Lucy decided in Feb. to cut her own hair.

For the rest of the story, check out my other blog!

Just some Stuff

Baby blanket is coming along. Picked the next design and got it started. Wrap cardigan is coming along on the machine, but I had some stupid moments and had to rip back a bit. There might be a row or two less or more on the right front, LOL. Getting a little concerned about the amount of yarn left!

Excited about the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair, although Rob says he's going to help his brother move some stuff, and it's also usually the day for swim registrations. People line up so early for that! It's crazy. Also, I'm hoping that now that Megan is happier and likes Daddy, I'll be able to get out to the Georgetown knitting group again. I miss the night out, and the guest speakers.

Later, I'll post about Lucy. This picture was last summer, in the first dress I made her on my new knitting machine. Just Bernat Handicrafter. It was sooooo cute. I made another in some other yarn she picked out, but she won't wear it this summer. Maybe it'll still fit next summer. But note the long wavy/curly blonde hair...

Okay, I've tried loading another picture, twice. It's supposed to be small and centered. Where is it? Is it so small I can't see it? Oh well, the sun is shining on my knitting machine and Megan is asleep, so off I go!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Spewey Huey

I had another great kid quote the other day. So great, I was going to log in and just post it. But life happened, and now I can't remember what it was.

Got home from Bancroft on Friday and found out on Sat. that Rob's dad was in the hospital with a major infection. So we zipped off to Oshawa, and I played in Alexandra Park with the kids while Rob went in, then we all went in for a few minutes.

On the way back, I knitted on Lucy's LuLu Einstein Jacket. Garter stitch might be easy for travel, but after two hours, it hardly showed any progress! But very soft and cute. It might be a little hard to count the ridges though (2013--I have no idea what jacket this is.  Did I finish it?  I know I made her a garter stitch sweater in LuLu.  This is a picture of the LuLu sweater, made on the diagonal in garter stitch).

Still working on the lace baby blanket in Zephyr. Time to pick a new pattern and count stitches and plan the next section. Night time stuff after the kids are asleep, as long as my brain is still functioning.

Got the back and left front of the Astra wrap cardigan off my knitting machine. Started the other front piece today. Okay, it's one row done, but it's started, LOL.

Sewing some pajama pants for the kids. Couldn't find a pattern that had the pants and top both in flannel/cotton. So they are getting just pants for now. It's been a real learning experience :) Like, how come the front pieces are bigger than the back pieces? Shouldn't there be room for their bum? Huey asks "Where's the tag? How do I know which is the back?" I cut out the seam allowance so it looked like a tag, but I did it on the bigger side...thinking it was the back. His pants are leopard spots! And Lucy's are pastel rainbow stripes. Never got to the fabric department at Wal-Mart during lunch time. It was terrible.

Lucy wants a hair cut! I think she's learned not to cut her own hair now!

Friday, August 25, 2006

You know you need to get that pattern...

You know you really should order a pattern when you add the website to your favourites....and it comes back saying that one is already on the list!! The Sivia Harding Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I need that pattern. I'm not a 'lacy' kind of gal. I love to knit lace, but I'm not into wearing frou-frou frilly. But geometrics...and lace...together....oh yeah...I may become a shawl person yet! Okay, I don't know exactly how to do the links yet, but this is the address: . Can someone tell me how to do that so you don't see the address, but I could just casually name drop and have it link? LOL.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Annual Spinrite Trip!

I made my annual summer pilgrimage to that little Ontario town that starts with L and ends with L...(Listowel). Home of Spinrite, and the yearly tent sale. I know why some animals eat their young. Huey woke up on the wrong side of the universe this morning and there is NOTHING interesting about the drive to Listowel. Head her west, set the cruise control and try not to fall asleep.
This was the first time I used cruise control in our truck (I tried it very briefly in a rental car 5 years ago). Is it just me, or is it a freaky way to drive? Like being on a very fast Disney ride. You see the hill and think, how are we going to maintain speed up that? Then you feel the surge, but your foot is doing nothing. There is a ghost on the gas pedal. Just what are you supposed to do with your foot anyway? And when your foot isn't thinking about the tends to forget to think about the brakes too....

So...Yarn. Yarn. Yarn. A bag of Fresco---TEN BALLS--for $2. Yes, they only have pale blue left, but I think I have some of the blue verigated from last year. A bag, 5 balls, of Classic Wool, in Rosewood (a pink/brown verigated) for $9, buy 3, get one free (but I only bought 2). There was more Classic Wool inside, same colour (dye lot--don't know yet) as I got last year....I think it was more though...I've got to find the other receipt. Three ball bag of LuLu for $3, buy 3, get one free (did so). I've been wanting to work with this yarn since it came out, as I call Lucy LuLu. The bin with the 'tangled' skeins was picked clean, but I did get a 2lb skein of something baby-ish:
Perhaps Bernat Satin, or Softee Baby for $2. Last year I got $120 worth of Pooch for $5, and it wasn't even tangled! The little sweater is a newborn sweater I made last summer on the KnitSmart. It was my first attempt at lace on the machine. Megan wore it quite a bit this winter, but it STILL needs buttons!

All in all, I spent $80. They were even giving out some good free pattern books this time. And the kids improved after a romp through the fabulous park/wading pool before we went shopping.

Have I knit today? Or worked on my dress? No...I'm about to go do some on the machine though.

Kid Quote of the Day...I was telling the kids how some kids call their grandmother different names, like Granny, Nanny, or Nana. Lucy...."Banana Nana?"
Megan's up.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hurray! I'm a blogger!

I joined blogspot last Dec. and everytime I try to enter, nothing works. Password doesn't work, they say they send me an email with my info, it never shows up....naughty blogspot!
So, I'm starting again. If you know me as TracyKM in a forum or Yahoo group, well, here I am!
We're still not set up to download pictures from our new camera, but I do have some already on the computer I'll put up sometime when it's not 4:00 and Lucy is still in her pajamas. Oh--this just in, she has finally gotten dressed!
It's been a hard week, all 3 have been sick, one after another. I'm trying to alter a cheap Zeller's dress that never fit me right, and if you know me, you've heard me say "I don't sew". I thought I would also get a whole new dress sewn by this weekend, based on the altered Zeller's dress....but I think it will be a good week if I colour my hair and re-paint my toes before my cousin's wedding on the weekend.

Knitting---working on a wrap sweater on the KnitSmart, a heirloom blanket for neice Nya, still have 3 Baby Surprise Jackets that need finishing....and a stuffed alligator for Huey that I started LAST AUGUST!!
If you really want to see pictures right now, check out my yahoo photos: Have no idea if that works, LOL.
Okay, I'll be back! That is, if Blogspot hasn't put a blackspot on my name, LOL