Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

I saw the "10 Knitting Things You Don't Know About Me" on Grumperina's blog and have been thinking about it. Then I read Curlerchik's blog and she tagged me! I've been tagged! Yee Haw! But it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Found the "First Sweater". Not much different than the second version I posted last week. So on to project #2:

This was made for my then boyfriend. Yeah. The curse, LOL. It was from either Canadian Living or Chatelaine, and the original had roosters on the front too. I eliminated those! It's made with cheap-o Merit acrylic from Zeller's. I started the first chart and couldn't understand why my sweater was reversed to the picture. I finally read the small print "Start Knit Rows This End" on the right edge of the chart. So I made it a design feature, and added extra bands of that first arrow band.

Now the details. Cause they are just so funny! See the LONG floats of unwoven in white yarn at the bottom? That's the Christmas Tree motif. The arrow motif on the bottom was 'self-weaving'. It took me a few more rows before I realized what they meant by "Weave unused yarn over and under yarn in use when used less than 5 sts apart" (Or whatever it was). See the tiny knot at the lower bottom right of that section? The sweater started to pucker cause I wasn't weaving my unused yarn, and my floats--though long--were too tight. So I carefully stretched it all out, feeding the white yarn through it's stitches along the row, taking up the slack....the only slack available was the yarn tail, LOL!
Which leads to the next lovely photo:
Gee whiz. This post is called Timeless Tuesday, but should be called a Waste of Time Tuesday. I have tried repeatedly to post two pictures several times. Over and over, it says they're uploaded, etc....but they are no where to be found. So I'm going to publish this post and leave the really humiliating picture of how I solved the puckering/lack of slack in the floats for latter.

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