Thursday, September 21, 2006

You Knit How? Part 2

Yesterday I was checking out at the grocery store and someone behind me called my name. I don't usually pay attention to what/who's behind me, as long as my kids are in front of me.
It was a pretty blond woman who looked familiar and I knew I knew her, especially her voice. It was Heather from the old Orangeville Knitting and Crocheting Group! We chatted briefly for a minute about the demise of the group and the new group that meets at the yarn store. I wanted to ask about the gorgeous red and black cardigan (?) that she had been working on years ago...a Rowan pattern with a Jaeger yarn from ebay.
As I was about to leave, she said something about the Yahoo machine knitting group. I was taken aback, and said yes, I'd gotten into machine knitting. She smiled and almost whispered "Me too". I fessed up and said I have two machines. She smiled and said "Me too". We giggled like school girls learning that we each had the same poster of John Schneider above our bed (I was so upset when I learned there wasn't really a Hazzard County and the show was filmed in California. I guess that 's why it looked like they lived just down the road from Laura Ingalls).

What's amazing is that here we the same town of 26 000, haven't seen each other in 3 years perhaps. And we are on the SAME Yahoo group with 3251 members! Prior to this, I knew of a woman 20 minutes away in the groups....
So handknitters beware! We are out there! We are like an invisible minority; we should have a secret handshake or lapel pin. Some day we will rise above the thumbed noses at yarn stores and our coned yarn will become coveted by all....
But we also use handknitting yarns:
This is Allie, my niece; the top is Patons Fresco, a ribbon. Made on the KnitSmart. I planned the arms to be 'bracelet' length. But I hadn't planned on her having grown between getting her measurements in Aug. and Christmas! For the sleeves, I picked up around the armholes and knitted downwards, leaving enough of the solid yarn to trim the neck and bottom of the front/backs. Then I finished it by hand with garter stitch. She is supposed to have passed this down to the next younger girl in the family, but I don't know if it would fit her either, LOL. I have since made another one in the blues verigated Fresco for Allie, but haven't gotten a picture of her in it yet! (HINT!).

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