Monday, November 06, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

Tomorrow is a special day, so Timeless Tuesday is happening today. And considering how long it took me to make the one post last week....

This is a hat I made for Rob. He asked for it :) It's one of two things I've made him that he wears. The other is a pair of tipless gloves. He asked for both things. The things I made for him of my own accord...the socks are in my drawer, the Kaffe Fassett sweater (yes, another one) is in little tiny balls in a Rubbermaid box.

I still had gauge issues. Most things I had made were made larger than the body part (ie--sweaters). I think I thought a hat would be the same way. It took several tries to get it near the right size. Later, when I knew more, I cut off the cuff and reknit it smaller, downwards. So it does some strange rippling when he wears it (but he does wear it!).
It's made of cheap acrylics. The purple variegated was a yarn I got when I was little and learned to knit!

I didn't know what was meant by pattern repeats. I got some of the stitch patterns from a book at the library. I didn't know you should plan things ahead, so that you didn't get to the end of the row and have half a star leftover. I didn't know you could add a stitch inbetween motifs to make the number of sts work out better. I think I learned that by the time I got to the Christmas trees. I didn't know about knitting in the round. I knew about mattress stitch, so I'm not sure why the seam is ugly. You don't want to see the weaving in of all the ends!

Even with all the faults, Rob's sister, Lou, commissioned me to make a few stocking caps for her to give as gifts. I used Patons Decor this time (which is why I have the huge bag of leftover balls) and knit them in the round.

The one on the left was for an adult man; the one on the right was one of two for two young sisters. I REALLY wish I had pictures of the finished hats. I added some motifs in the man's one to match his interests. I know there was a small band of Queen's flags, but I can't remember now if I did a band of planes, or a band of skiiers. It was a hard decision at the time. So Lou, if you're reading this...any chance of getting some pictures emailed to me...even just the one I made for you....please?


KnitTech said...

Those are just beautiful! Hope who ever gets them loves the hats.

KnitTech said...

I've just found your blog because it was on someone else's I read. I liked what I saw, so I read yours everyday. Bet you didn't realize you had fans!