Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

Yes, it's that time again. Timeless Tuesday. Perhaps it should also be known as "Progression of Fassett in Acrylics". This one is called "Icons" (or maybe "Icon").
I made it for Rob, before and after we got married...so 1997 to spring 1998. It was a busy time. Got Married, I moved to Bolton, a month later we moved to O'ville. Then it was Christmas, then the Ice Storm of Jan 98.
I liked the colour scheme of this project. I wanted the feeling of 'sea glass' (even though all my sea glass is really 'Lake Ontario glass'). Blues, greens, yellows, and some other colours for shock value. What I don't like is what I've mentioned before--the solidness of the acrylic colours compared to the tweedy/heathery colours used by Rowan.

The other problem is the gauge. It's knit at about 20st/4" which isn't too bad for most worsted acrylics. But with all the ends woven in, and some of the yarns being a little thicker, it has an overall unyeilding feel. Rob says it doesn't fit, but the problem isn't so much the actual measurements, it's the lack of flexibility in the plastic yarns. I did have it finished, and he did try it, but complained. So I took it apart. I was going to make the sleeves set in by knitting side panels to add on. I'm not sure why I had ripped the front back before the neck....perhaps I was going to make it bigger. I think the needles (long since stolen for another project) were 3.75mm. A little small, LOL.

It's been stored in a plastic box for almost 5 years, and it has a strange feel and smell now. Don't know if that's just dust, or the acrylic yarn's attempt at biodegrading.

I thought maybe I'd rip out the whole sweater and make a few little boy's sweaters in the Fassett style, then I saw the 'Tessellating Fish" afghan and thought maybe that would be a good use for all these small bobbins of yarn. But I've hesitated so long that I know that I must really not want to.

The picture of all the yarn...that Ziploc bag is labeled "Outlines". When I made the swatch, I took it apart, and measured the yarn needed for the outlines, and the yarns needed for the cross. I pre-made a bag full of these butterflies, for each size. I quickly ran into a problem with the outline. If I started the outline in the bottom corner, with the end of the yarn, I'd get to the next row and have the yarn for one side of the outline, but not the other side. So I found the middle of the butterfly, and started the bottom with that. Then, for the next row, there'd be one end of yarn for each edge of the outline, and no end to weave in :) However, when finishing a cross, there'd be the two outline yarns and the main yarn of one cross ending, and the same for the start of the next one up. Lots of ends in this puppy--which added to the inflexibility.

I still like the graphic design of this sweater. I like the colours. I don't like the yarns.
And can you believe it...there's still at least one more Fassett design to come? :)


CatBookMom said...

OMG! When I first looked at the first picture, I thought "what a cool jigsaw puzzle!" Then it hit me that this was really a knitted object. You are one truly patient knitter, to have knitted all of that.

KF, you make pretty pictures, but they make my fingers hurt to think about knitting them, lol! I've never tried one of his needlepoint patterns, either.

smariek said...

Oh my, I thought I was looking at a sweater jigsaw puzzle! So many colors, so many ends...