Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Timeless Tuesday!

After the Icon sweater, things get a little fuzzy. The knitting too. I know I started a christening dress and a baby blanket in the spring of 98 for my niece Ally, born at the end of May. They were both made with Bernat Lollipop Sparkle, a baby weight. The christening dress was adapted from a toddler dress pattern in a library book. I still have the pattern, but I don't know what book it was. I did buttons on both shoulders as it seemed like it might be hard to get on/off. I think it was my first lace attempt, and I think it went pretty well considering the adjustments I had to make. I just wish I had used better yarn! A nice cotton or baby wool would have made it a true heirloom piece. As it was, it got worn by only my two nieces.

This is a picture of my cousin's daughter modeling the dress. She was too big for it by the time she had her christening. You can see the lace along the bottom. It's also around the arms and the neck. I've since used that edging on just about anything needing an edging. At the bottom were some eyelet rows that had pink ribbon laced through (it could be switch to blue for a boy, but it never happened), and a section of lace faggoting.
I used that lace faggoting and the same yarn to make a baby blanket for Ally. It didn't get done until Christmas. I have no idea what else I was knitting! No pictures, nothing. I know I did some baby outfits for "Guardian Angels", and probably some mitts/hats. Anyway, the blanket. The first one I designed! I used vertical panels of faggoting separated by a cable panel. I didn't know how huge lace could stretch, and I think I used needles too large, thinking that would make it lacier. It ended up being pretty big! That's Allie hiding behind it. I did the lace edging in pink.
I did a blanket for each of the 7 kids on that side of the family. Huey never liked his, and Megan's was made on the machine...and still has no edging (but we use it anyway). Each blanket was different, but they were all made using Bernat Lollipop Sparkle, except Megan's--it had been discontinued and I used a sportweight version instead.
Speaking of Megan and the machine, check out what I found under my knitting table today!

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