Monday, January 29, 2007

A FO Backlog

First off---does our LYS still have the Step sock yarn? Or does anyone know if Lens Mill has it? I hate to pay shipping.
This morning it was bright and sunny. I thought, great, some time at the knitting machine today. Then, as I'm taking Lucy to school-wham! A blizzard. With giant snowflakes!

I've gotten a backlog of finished objects to show :) Some of it is Blogger fault. Some is because I got SO far behind in my yahoo groups emails over Christmas/sick kids...

So, first off...

This is the second ice scraper mitt, before felting and after. I didn't repeat any of the pattern rows this time, but I didn't know just how long I had made the first one, so I just guessed how long to make this one. And it ends up being a touch longer!

I used the Headwater Guaja for the black and yellow. The yellow is so much brighter than the Lopi yellow. It's funny though, the Lopi looked bright in the skein. But it's a sort of heathery yellow. I really like how the Classic Merino felts--although it can go very fast. This Headwaters stuff is nice too, a little furry, but it takes ALOT more work to felt it. Once again, like with the clogs, I thought it was done, but then went ahead and did one more round. So if you're felting something that you want to control the fit/size easily, this would be a good option.

I'll leave the next project for later :) I'm sure I'm going to hit a dry spell soon, LOL


Anonymous said...

Toby doesn't sell the Step yarn anymore. I picked up my last balls at Len's, Mary's in Paris also carrys it. Next month maybe the tree of us should go on a road trip ?

z said...

Woolly's in Shelburne has Step too.

Michelle said...

This is so cool! Where did you find the pattern? If I can buy it and knit it by Friday, I'll have a perfect gift for my daughter's birthday. No problem, huh?

TracyKM said...

I tried to figure out how to email you back, but you have several group blogs so I didn't want to intrude :)
I created the actual pattern, but I've been meaning to post what I actually did--you don't need a pattern. Check me out again later. Oh, and how DID you come across my blog?