Friday, February 02, 2007

Bits and Bobs

Memo to drivers: When following a SUV with a spare tire on the back, don't tailgate. The tire creates a blindspot, and I can't see you!

I had the idea that this should be "Finishing February". I've got 6 little baby sweaters that need buttons, among other things. Not to ignore new projects, but perhaps put some emphasis on old forgotten things.

For two nights now Megan has refused to sleep in her crib. She's only 14 months old. This morning she woke Lucy up at 6:20AM. Ugh. What now?!

Rob's going to apply for a Hydro job in Renfrew. Although my Mom has lots of relatives there, I don't know them. It's a small town (10 000 people), about an hour north of Ottawa. The other option is Niagra Falls. We can't get family to visit us here, I can't imagine getting them to come to Renfrew. Or driving through Toronto to go to Niagra Falls. But, that's all still a long ways away. First he's got to do the applying.

Megan has learned finally, to shake her head for 'no'. Hope she doesn't use it too much, LOL. I think she has weaned now. It hasn't meant any more sleep for me yet though.

I really can't think of anything interesting to say today. Had fun last night with the ladies. Wish some more ladies would come out too!

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