Friday, February 23, 2007


I started writing a post last night about Wal-Mart and Similac, how earlier this month they were promoting obesity, diabetes, ear infections, SIDS, allergies, cancer, and oral malformations, with a link to a series of funny cartoons by the Cow Goddess (I think there's 5 comics in this series, check them out, starting with #1). But then Megan got at the computer and my some stroke of good luck, managed to shut the computer down.

So as I laid on the couch, feverish again, I contemplated what else to write. There's "The Three odd things about my Toyota". No. There's "How to get Puke Stains out of Anything". No. There was "How did Sanjaya get in the Top 4 Boys and How did Antonella not get Voted Out?" No.

Then I watched Oprah and Bob Greene and thought about a long, soulful, deep post about exactly why I'm not at my optimal weight, even though I would say "I just like to eat" and I know Oprah would say "NO!, That's not why! What's your PAIN?!". But I just couldn't do it today.

So, instead, I leave you with some inspiration for your weekend knitting:
You've got to realize something sucks when your model will only posed when stoned!


CatBookMom said...

I laughed so loud I startled the cat! Read Grumperina's post today, about the power of 1000 knitters.

I hope you feel better soon.

z said...

LOL!! the hat... oh that hat!! if i ever knit and wear something like that please feel free to spend a Thursday evening letting me know!

sorry you're still not feeling so great. gawd, it sucks being sick, but being sick with kids to take care of is such a double whammy!

gentle (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

I think we should do a gift exchange this year for xmas and se who can make the "most beautiful"
gift. Is there a pattern for elfin slippers, that would complete the outfit.

I hope the next week goes a lot better for you and the kids. Big hug from Sharon

smariek said...

I hope you feel better soon.

My LO knows where the on/off switch is on my laptop too...