Monday, February 26, 2007

February is For Finishing

Remember when I said that "February is For Finishing"? Just how many old UFOs have I gotten finished?

I think there's still two of these hats to finish. And I started these:Did I finish any of the FiberTrends bunnies hiding under my desk? Did I finish the alligator also hiding under my desk? Did I finish any of the three Baby Surprise Jackets? Did I sew the buttons on the two baby sweaters? Did I re-vamp the Whirling Stars cardigan? Nope.

But I am doing good about finishing what I start now! Back in early February when I was getting ready to head down to Georgetown for the knitting guild, I was trying to figure out what I had new for show and tell. It seemed everything was a repeat. Two ice scrapper mitts, two pairs of socks for Huey (okay, one pair still needs to be seamed, but it was too large, and I know he's not going to wear them), 3 socks in the red and pink yarn for me (but ended up with just one pair in the end), a pair of ribbed fingerless gloves for my brother, a pair of ribbed tipless gloves for me....

Right now, I am working on pink and purple socks for Lucy. She's just informed me she wants them to go to her knees. Using 2.25mm needles and a chevron pattern. I'm working on another Baby Surprise Jacket--stash busting. I started dismantling the Whirling Stars cardigan and ran into a HUGE issue. I realized that the ball and a half left from Lucy's red/pink sweater could be a hood for it, so she can't wear it backwards. I really want to start some more socks more ME! And I've been meaning to make the felted lunch bag from for Huey...

That picture from the last day--that is a free pattern from! It reminds me of a LionBrand hat pattern from a couple years ago. A black women with big kinky hair was wearing a lampshade hat, red and black, with chevron patterning on the cuff. Perched on top of her big pouff of hair. Cracks me up. Like the LionBrand ad where the kids and Dad are sitting around playing cards, in their matching socks, ties, and MITTS! (no coats, they're inside). Man. I have lots of old old pattern books, and everyone wore their hats perched high and back. Even winter hats. Did you really stick them onto your kids' head with hat pins? LOL.

Huey won a "citizenship award" on Friday, for working hard and not getting fustrated. He has worked so hard at that--not thinking that the world is going to end if something goes wrong with a project. When he first started drawing, he often used a pen--it was easier for him to use; less effort and more consistent. But he would FREAK when he made a 'mistake'. Then one day, I thought, what about a pencil? LOL. That helped, but he just has such high expectations, high persistance levels, and a very low boiling point.

Gee, does Megan look a little frightened, or ill? Perhaps both. She didn't throw up on Friday night and I thought maybe she was getting better, but then she had more diarrhea, and threw up on Saturday night, and then more diarhea. On Sunday, she woke from her nap with diarrhea and a cranky attitude. Then she started screaming. That high pitched sound that makes you think she's cut off her hand. Then that ended. She didn't eat much dinner again. When I was getting her ready for bed, I asked her if she was going to throw up in the night again. She shook her head "No".

She woke up at 5:40 with a scream, but quickly went back to sleep (of course, I didn't), and I had to wake her up to take Huey to school. She is like a different little girl today! Smiling, playing, Exactly one week! My throat is still sore, but I'm pretty much functional again too. Back to life :)

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CatBookMom said...

The hats are so great! I see you and I think alike about combining yarns for multiple hats. Knitters at Elann were drooling over some bulky but $$$ handpainted yarn, so I posted a picture of some charity hats I did last fall, with just a part skein of a chunky primary-colored yarn being enough for 4 hats. See bright yellow hats in the photo gallery at Elann's Chat Center.

That is such great news about your DS's award. I'm sure he got lots of love and hugs at home.

Now about finishing those UFOs.... doesn't look like there's enough February left for many to be done in my house.