Wednesday, February 21, 2007


First. Does everyone else have as much trouble with Blogger as I do? I read sometimes about not being able to post picture, about blog posts that get eaten, etc. BUT today I couldn't even get past the blogger start page, forget about even logging in. Now, something weird has happened, and here I am.
And, just to let you know, there will be frequent capitilization errors. Lucy threw up chocolate milk on the keyboard yesterday. I wedged the edge of a paper towel between keys and got as much as I could, but it was too thick. Then Rob decides to fix it. Now the shift key (right) gets stuck. And, to fix the smell, he sprayed it with TAG Body Spray. Then lit my lavender candle. If I weren't already sick....

So, yup. I am SICK (caps on purpose there). Not just a little cold. Oh no, I have to go and get a full fledge illness. Something that produces a fever. QUITE possibly strep throat. Of course, I didn't get it at Christmas when Lucy did, and Rob was home, and there was no schlepping the kids around. I think the height of the fever has passed, but if I don't get into the doctor's for antibiotics, will this hang around or cause other issues? I just don't have the darn Twonie for the parking. And, well, I kept Huey home as well as Lucy after his early morning tantrums. They are a sure sign that something is brewing, even though he seems mostly fine now. I am having some abdominal pain now though. And the sore throat! I can feel congestion back there too, and it hurts to swallow/cough it out.

But my biggest complaint is just how overwhelmed I am. Trying to keep up with the puke laundry. And then finding half a chocolate chip cookie in with the blankets and sheets. And spilled juiced. Forget about the regular laundry. Rob had the nerve to ask if I was going to unload the clean dishes on Monday I laid on the couch, NOT KNITTING, tossing between being in a sauna and being on an iceburg. And what did he do last night? Yes, he did run out and get diapers, but nothing else that would help me/the house out. Laying on the couch, NOT KNITTING for TWO hours while watching crap TV is a clear indication that I am SICK. Capitals intentional.

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CatBookMom said...

Oh, gods, how awful a pile of stuff landing on you! I send deep sympathies for all of it.

I think the smell of baby puke and the yuckiness of cleaning it up (which I experienced starting at age 9 when my sister was born and I became resident babysitter) is the 2nd worst part of caring for babies that you didn't birth; #1 goes to diapers.

I hope you can get yourself to the doctor soon; strep throats or any long-term serious soreness, can be tough to cure. Your DH could use a bit of a kick in the rear, IMO; he needs to suck up more of the load.