Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ice Scraper Mittens

Should it be scraper or scrapper? LOL.

Here's what I did.

Two strands of worsted weight Classic Merino or other yarn. I used 8mm needles, but I know alot of people say 9mm is better--I don't have any, LOL.
Cast on 20 sts in red. Knit about two inches. Starting in the second inch, begin increasing across the row, every right side row, until you get to about 39 or 40 sts (ie--don't do all the increases in one row or it'll look a little too pouffy. Nice maybe for a frilly girly mitt though). If you don't make it there, keep knitting a couple more rows, or incorporate the rest of the increases into the chart (there is lots of room in the bottom of the flame to fudge it).

I printed out the large flame chart (chart b) from the Hot Tamale skirt. You need it at least this big because it'll be used over a winter coat. On the chart, I started with drawing the bright yellow outline, about one to two sts in from the edges of the flames. Then, depending on how many colours you have, draw in more outlines, remembering that the red you've just knitted is not on the chart, but needs to be carried up into it. Oh, I knitted these flat, so the extra couple sts are for black at the edges.
Knit the chart, cursing your choice words when you have 3 sts left to knit in one colour but your little butterfly has run out. Work the ends in, but don't sweat it. Cast off loosely. Sew up the seam.
Felt the life out of it. Classic Merino felts quickly, the Headwaters Wool, felts slowly. To each his own, LOL. You can defuzz it if you like--Z suggested dog clippers!

If you make one, take a picture and let me know!
Hey, this is my first official pattern on here :)

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