Monday, February 26, 2007

Purple Haze

Yo! Dude! Clear the air....LOL. Such a haze last week, too bad it was fever induced :)

What do you do while you're waiting for pictures to upload to Blogger? I'm trying them today as .bmp files and I didn't 'shrink' them at all, one is 3112 KB. Is that large? LOL. It's been 5 minutes and no sign of the two pictures. So, I'm going back to the Kodak program to shrink them down a little. Sigh.

This is Lucy's purple and pink striped sock. A sort of chevron pattern on the top of the foot--30sts. Then, after doing the heel, I added a 1/2 repeat on each side of the front portion, so that's 40 sts. The 20 sts left on the back of the leg are a K2P2 rib.You should have seen me trying to figure out how to center a K2P2 rib on 20 sts. Some days I'm blonder than other days. It starts with a P1, then K2, P2, ends with a K2 then P1. I figure that this will help counteract the non-stretchy nature of the chevrons.

But, how should I finish it off? Continue the K2P2 rib around the entire leg for another 6 row stripe? Or just cast off at the end of the pattern row? I thought about a picot hem, but think it'll be too fusy with the ribbing, and it'll take me longer to do than she'll probably wear them.

So, it's Feb. 28. I was hoping I'd get the buttons sewed on one newborn sweater that has been waiting for buttons for over 15 months (ie--since before, long before, Megan was born. She wore it without buttons). But I'm thinking I've really got to write some thank you cards for Christmas. However, I can write in the evening when the light's not so good....I can't machine knit at night cause it's too dark in that corner....

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CatBookMom said...

Love the socks, and the chevron pattern makes it especially girly. Plus it's purple. Y'know how I am about purple, lol!

About the pictures. I have software that came with my HP printer, and I use that (until I get brave enough to try to learn the mini-version of Photoshop).

When I first download pictures from the digital camera, the editor part of the program shows that most are over 10,000k. I typically crop to the best view of the object, then reduce and save it as a Web file, a jpeg. Usually the size drops to about 1,000k or less. But that's *in the editing program*. The size of the unedited files on the hard drive is less than 2,000k, and the edited ones are under 400k.

Pictures I put up at Elann have to be really small - 50k or less. Hence the lack of detail on those pictures.