Thursday, March 15, 2007

I've Missed You!

Oh my, it's been awhile. Got over the strep, had a few good days, then got a sinus issue. And the kids had a no-school day, then the next day was getting stash ready for a guild meeting/sale, then the next day was more getting ready to go to guild, then the next was a no-school day, then it was the weekend, then we went to Bancroft on Monday, got home yesterday afternoon....

But Huey and Lucy are now at Grandma with the Pear Trees! Time to get caught up! I got some pictures ready to post last week, I don't know if I even remember what they were, LOL.

This is the collection of yarn that I took to the Georgetown guild's stash sale. I had 10 minutes to go downstairs and root through the stash to get some to clear out. I was down there for 40 minutes! I got a little ruthless. Some of it I didn't really want to part with, but the allure of some cash was too high.

This is the stash pile after the sale. Everybody was in the same mood. "Please buy my stash"/"Oh, I love that yarn but I'm trying not to buy more yarn". I did sell a few bags. A full bag of the blue Fresco ribbon, the red and pink Picnic cotton yarn, royal blue sock weight yarn, and the bright peach worsted weight. I think I raked in $21 and spent $5 on two magazines. one of those magazines is a cute lace cardi using laceweight mohair (have some--the 'nursing shawl'). I could probably also make it with the KnitPicks Shadow that I won!

Lucy decided, out of the blue, to wear this dress. I made it the summer of of the early project on the knitting machine. I had made one with a pink veriegated skirt and a knitted lace edging, and she loved it. So she picked out this yarn for another one and I thought I'd make it a little bigger, to use up all the yarn, and because the pink one just fit for that summer. Well, it was too big back then, LOL. She'll be able to wear it for awhile--the other one looked like an empire waist on purpose :) And, she picked out the tights to go with it all on her own too. Normally, she just picks whichever tights are on the floor, LOL.

And, I have some really big news! Not the kind of news that makes me really big, LOL. I bought another knitting machine!! It's a Memo-Matic 327, standard gauge punchcard machine, with a ribber!! Rob replaced the sponge bar while I was away, and I got it knitting last night!
I bought it from a lady I met on Freecycle. She came in Feb 06 to pick up something, and saw my machine at the back of the room, and mentioned that she had one in her garage; it had been her mothers. Then she came to the new house last summer and picked up something, but I didn't see her. I went to her place in September to pick up a desk (for the knitting machines), and she pointed out the machine in her garage. She thought it was for bulky yarn, but people on the internet told me it would be a standard gauge, and that the second box was probably a ribber. I kept waiting for it to come on Freecycle. Finally, last week she was posting lots of stuff, so I emailed her and asked if she wanted to sell it yet!
Because it is a standard gauge, I can use up all those cones I bought, thinking I'd double/triple/quadruple strand them to handknit with. So, although I didn't spend money on yarn, the money spent will help me use up yarn, LOL. And with the ribber, I can knit socks out of sock weight yarn without seams! Bear with me, cause I'm just a little excited, LOL.

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Clarisse said...

That dress is adorable! So are your children, and for that matter, you aint so bad yourself :) You are a lovely woman with a lovely family, what more could you ask for?

Take care,

Clarisse >^..^<