Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh Really?

Your Career Personality: Quiet, Sevice -Oriented, and Practical

Your Ideal Careers:

Forest Ranger
Jewelry designer

Artist? LOL. Esthetician? Does working at Caryl Baker Visage for 6 months count? Forest Ranger? I did take the "Focus on Forests" course during teacher's college. Gardener? Worked for myself for a couple summers as "The Garden Goddess". Geologist? I did study geography, and like the physical stuff, but I'm no good at remembering things like stalactite vs stalagmite. Jewelry designer? Well, I dabbled with Friendly Plastic and Fimo for a bit. Pediatrician? LOL. I'd be like, "Why are you wasting my time--you're the mother, you decide where he should sleep, if she should cry it out, if you should wean! But of course, he should sleep with you, CIO ruins a baby's sense of trust, and the world-wide average for weaning is 4 years old." And the last--Teacher? Can we say "Teacher's College" oh, and my OCT fees are due, LOL.

Thanks Sandra for the link (although it didn't work on your blog).

Stash busting BSJ. There are going to be a whack of ends to weave in. I don't do it as I knit, because 1) I like to duplicate stitch them (although I cheat a little in garter st) so they are in visible and 2) Where the ends are on this, gets seamed. I'm not going to work them into the seam, but I will cross over the seam and have half the ends on each side.

This BSJ is assorted balls of Astra from my stash, grey, dark purple, pale lilac, and periwinkle. At first, I wasn't going to use all the colours, but then did anyway. The thickest band is 3 ridges--I like the small scale for a small project. The colours are done in a repeat, but the number of ridges is either 1, 2, or 3, (random), and do all three before repeating. Does that make sense? I'm using 3.75mm needles, like recommended on the ball band. I'm hoping it softens up a little when washed, cause right now, the arms don't bend too well, LOL.

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