Friday, April 20, 2007

Spring Check

For men, Spring Check is when you put a deposit down for next year's snowmobile.

For women, Spring Check is when you find two opposing mirrors to make sure nothing has sunk down out of your shorts over the winter.

And, if you're old enough for things to sink down below your shorts, you're too old to be wearing those shorts! Memo to the grandma of the girl in Lucy's class....I don't know how "Blind Line" got it's name, but the vision of your pasty white jiggly thighs descending from glued on Daisy Dukes is enough to make ME go blind.

Still can't find the camera.


Monika said...

Hi Tracy, you are right. It's Len's Mill, I'm so bad with names!!! I was just following in after my daughter and never looked at the sign. Anyway, I was not too implressed with the yarn they had, but the fabric and sewing stuff, wow! ;o)

jayne said...

LOL, that's pretty funny. Yes...I've seen some hoo-boy scary outfits on people way past their expiry date.

Um...speaking of not being very creative with names.