Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blond knitter strikes Again.

Went to Zellers to see if they had any little circular needles. Of course, I forgot to check my own stash before I left. Got to Zellers and the appropriate area...the craft section is gone! Totally gone. About a dozen orphaned skeins/balls of yarn at the end of one shelf. No thread, no Velcro, no scissors, no Rit dyes, no Handicrafter Cotton, nothing. And, no staff to ask. When I got home, I sorted through my circulars, and found about 3 pairs in the one size I was going to go buy, LOL.

And....I realized the other night that I have a box full of 100% alpaca, in white (2 50g balls), grey, charcoal and BLACK, in fingering weight. But it was a gift from my SIL when she went to Peru, so I'm not using it to make a baby blanket to give away, although I could certainly make a shawl. A grey shawl might be elegant...or a cardigan on the standard gauge machine.

And here's photo proof that I'm supposed to be blond:

It's subtle, but you can see how the left foot goes tan/speckle/green/wide speckle, and the right foot goes green/speckle/tan/wide speckle. If the bands of speckle were all the same thickness, you wouldn't notice.

Fraternal twins again.

And here's a heel shot. Somehow the heels got off center compared to the toes, and I think one sock has three sts less than the other one. They are also a smidge too long--or more accurately, they are just a tad pointy. I started with 10sts or maybe 12. Normally, when doing top down, I'd end with 10 sts, but I guess the different toe makes a different shape. And, even though the tops are in ribbing (K2, P1), they bulge where they meet the foot. So, I have to keep my feet elegantly pointed out in front of me. Makes it hard to walk.

And here's some socks I made on the Singer 327. I did the ribbing by hand. We won't go into all the issues with these ones. Everything from plain stupidity to plain blondness. I haven't even tried them on since washing them. Hope they fit, LOL. I think my ankles must be thin compared to my heels and foot and calves.

Just before we all got sick, we had pork souvlakis. I went to clean up, and saw one on the floor, and one was missing. Now, Cooper (the dog) would never get something off the counter. I went hunting, and this is what I found! She seems to prefer pork over other meats. Crazy girl. Cranky girl today. And it's my night to go out :)

We live just outside of the "Greenbelt" (a political word for "land worth a lot, so let's limit what can be done so the rich can get richer and the poor have to driver further"), but Rob's commute takes him through it. There are a lot of gravel pits, as it's part of the Niagra Escarpment geological zone. I laugh, every time I see a big swanky house (oh, apparently Patrick Swayze lives here now), with a long gravel driveway, and a sign at the road that says "No More Pits". Anyway, Rob got nailed by a baseball sized rock

last week. Luckily he wasn't hurt, and he had needed a new windshield for quite a long time.

That's glass all on the inside. Oh, I wanted to vent about my next apt. for the surgery and the stupid company Rob works for. But it's time to go knit :)

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Lucky Canuck said...

Ah yes. Zellers. The land of chirping crickets. My beau used to work for Hbc and could never figure out how Zellers could stay alive in the retail environment today when it sucked so much.