Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Just Want to Hear Some Music!

I have been considering an MP3 player for awhile. But with our computer situation, I didn't think it worthwhile--I'm not about to start downloading music with a cost, and I'm not about to download over 200 CDs onto my computer. Then I saw on advertised that says you can copy directly from your CD player/stereo---no computer needed! Yee Haw! Bought it!

Well.....I emailed the company's costumer service and had to wait till today for an answer.

Indeed, you do copy directly from the stereo. I ripped open the box. Step one. Install software. Step two. Charge battery by plugging into USB port. You can't do step two until you've done step one!
Now, I'm a thrifty shopper, and I noticed that another store also had this MP3 player at the same price, and at the bottom of the ad, was a blurb for a power converter. Okay, fine, I can go get that and charge it up.
Problem number 2....the line in/out plugs on my stereo are of the RCA variety, not the headphone stick type. The MP3 player comes with a cord with a teeny-weeny stick plug for the player, and a single, headphone size stick plug to go to the stereo. Argh. We have a portable CD player from the days before having a CD player in the vehicle. But where is it? We've been here a year. I knew exactly where it was before we moved. It wasn't in anyplace that it 'should' be, but I happened to open up one box, and there it was! Yee Haw!
Still got a problem. The cord now works, but I can't find the power adapter for the CD player!! I know we had one. It's not in the box with batteries, or in the box with other assorted cords and crap. All I want is to be able to listen to some flippin music while I'm recovering from the surgery so I don't have to listen to Rob being a full time single parent!
So, after taking Lucy to school, I take Megan to Staples. The young man finds me the MP3 power converter, and I show him the cords and say I need one with the red/white two separate plugs on one end, and a teeny tiny stick on the other end. No problem he says, hands me a package. As I'm checking out, I look at it and think, that looks just like the cord I brought to show that was too big. Yes, when I get home and look closely, it is too big. It's a normal stick. LOL.
I want my freaking music. I love music. I'm not technical about how I get it played. I won my first stereo through a chocolate bar called 'Choco-lotto'. I just need music and I've been severely deprived for the past couple years. I am so desperate, I am taking all three kids after school back to Staples to return/exchange the one cord, and if needed, to Radio Shack. Argh.

And speaking of music....Last night's American Idol....I never in a million years thought I would ever, ever, ever hear a giant black man from the south sing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." OMG. Of all the Beatles' songs to choose from for the medley, they made him sing that?!

Knitting. Yeah, I still do it. Yeah, I'm still blond. I was casting off Lucy's socks. I thought I had finished and broke the yarn. To discover I still had one more needle full.

This is a sweater for Lucy made from Bernat LuLu. I do not like asymmetry. I am sort of doing this sweater on the fly. I've done it before, but it had a V neck, this WAS supposed to be a round neck so I could add a hood. Oops. What was I thinking? This yarn has to be ripped ONE STITCH at a TIME!


CatBookMom said...

My sympathies for the hassle with the MP3 player. My iPod was a Christmas gift and I didn't get it working until late April. Simple stuff baffled me: where's the 'on' switch? Where's off? Volume control? No insert with the iPod; just a slip of paper saying 'Go to Apple/'.

It's a crap shoot trying to find a really helpful kid/clerk at electronics stores. Sigh. Good luck!!

z said...

... this is one of the reasons i keep John around ;) the dude is technically inclined, computer literate. and tall. those two things alone make him a keeper!! LOL.

next time send us an email, he's usually willing to help out with these sorts of things :)